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    Confession time.  Since my college days, I have had a slight penchant for VH1’s ‘Jump Start’ show that runs in the morning (after Springer was on of course).  The show plays music videos, mostly of current ‘popular’ music that crosses most genres. True story and it happened about the same time MTV, ironically, stopped playing music videos so judge away.  I tell you this not to emasculate myself in a public forum, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but because a couple years ago they burned out the enchanting video of ‘Paris (Oh La La)’, by Grace and the Nocturnals, and this may have led to many of you discovering their glory.

    A good thing I suppose, as they will visit us tomorrow night at The Brown Theatre.  If you know not of said glory, you most certainly should if you’re into Rock and Roll, Country Rock (some dudes named Kenny Chesney and Willy Nelson are on their new album), or if you are merely a fan of music itself.  As you already know my favor for bands with women lead singers, let me just tell you Grace Potter is a prime example.  Some songs resemble Jefferson Airplane (they covered ‘White Rabbit’ for the Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack), others beat up a Fleetwood Mac vibe with a tingle of hipster flair, and others have the soul of a female James Brown on top of an instrumental foundation that could rival the Black Keys.  Go on and get ya some, trust me I’ve never lied to you before. 

    Langhorne Slim is also opening, Jack!  If you also lack knowledge of his glory, let me just drop some other journalistic insights on you besides my own genius.  Rolling Stone praised "The Way We Move" as "damn near perfect," The Guardian proclaimed the band as "one of the greatest live acts.", Entertainment Weekly called Langhorne Slim "your next obsession," and The New Yorker described him as having "Leadbelly's gift for storytelling and Dylan's ability to captivate crowds." (Al Gore’s Internet) Satisfied?  Get some of him too, for sure.

    Good luck getting tickets and if I can’t get in either, someone let me know how it goes.  xoxo

    Tickets: Bad news their sold out…use some savvy and try or

    Photo credit: Al Gore’s Internet

    Last set list of enthralling audible delights:

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