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    Groundhog's Day Concert Showcases Louisville Heat
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    Uncle Slayton’s Get Out of Your Hole Groundhog’s Day concert featured multiple original acts from the area.  The concert venue that will be turning 2 years old this March is composed of two rooms split from each other by a brick wall.  On one side you have a bar and gathering area and on the other an intimate almost studio-esq area.  The four acts that graced the stage were: Leora Nosko, Jay Goldstein, Alex Wright and the Maven Down, and Butch Rice. Singer/Songwriter Leora Nosko was the first act of the show.  I have been a fan of Leora’s for over five years now; I met her originally while she was a piano player at Howl at the Moon.  Her melodic voice is similar to that of Sarah Bareilles.  Her songs possess the emotion filled lyrics that capture the feminine honesty that has become so popular as of recently.  Her opening song “Fat Man” was a fun, easy listening song that featured witty lyrics like “It’s like holding on to a fat man sinking in the ocean.”  Leora had the audience on a string as she played and chatted in the true singer/songwriter fashion.  Working as a piano and vocals teacher at Mom’s Music in Jeffersonville as well as the keyboards and vocals for Tony and the Tanlines has kept her busy but Leora is currently working on a break out solo album and has her first single “The Question” available online with her second “Black Dog” due out soon.  The following act was the man who had coordinated the whole show, Jay Goldstein.  A New York native and newly solo artist himself, he showcased his multiple talents by playing the guitar, harmonica, and piano.  His voice was full bodied, powerful, and smooth like a shot of fine bourbon.  Influences in his guitar play by Joni Mitchell and a sound reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen make Jay a unique sound.  His song “Magic” contained a harmonica solo and “Tell Me How Long” featured all the makings of a great love ballad.. saxophone solo included.  The sax player, Don Taylor, accompanied Jay in two songs and has played for other bands including Lynyrd Skynyrd. All of the songs played in this show by Jay had been written within the past 3 months and as I closed my eyes during “Another Lonely Night in the City” I could feel the Boss himself nodding his head.  The only band of the show was Alex Wright and the Maven Down.  This 5 man band was a left turn from the singer/songwriter acts of the night.  Alex Wright and his band have been featured on WFPK and brought in a flock of pretty young girls which is always a good sign.  The first song “Weight of This Day” was a slow reflective song that caused me to immediately put Alex into a Ryan Adams box.  The next song was “Trouble Comes Around” and featured the band with full power and got the crowd moving.  From a slow start to a strong finish of Rock and Roll, complete with a broken string and hand clapping audience, Alex Wright is like Ryan Adams with a Red Bull or 6.  The final act of the night was left in the capable hands of Butch Rice.  Anyone who has read my previous articles knows how much I love this man’s music.   Butch brought along fellow guitar player Josh Glauber to accompany him in his all original showcase.  He featured songs such as “Love Falls Down”, a John Meyer type song with an upbeat tempo, and the dreamy tune “Fall for Me” that has made its way on to WFPK’s request line.  The audience was enchanted by Butch as always and upon urgings from the audience he closed the evening with “Wasted”, a song that I have a special love for. While the show spanned 4 hours long, from 8-12, the audience still mumbled as it ended and many of the artists and audience remained behind to hang out post show and listen to each other. In conversation with Jay, he mentioned that another show similar to this one is in the works for March 2.  The overall talent and just plain feel good music of this show rewarded the heroes handsomely who had braved the snow and chill of this cold Groundhog’s Day.  

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