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    Oh Thanksgiving Eve, we've had some times.  On one of the the biggest nights to go out during the year, I highly recommend you catch a show instead of hit the bars.  Who are Halestorm and Redlight King, you ask?  Well that's a good question as I've recently been exposed further to both.

    Thanks to the fine people at Hollywood Records, I've been pleasingly versed further on Redlight King and they're pretty solid.  In the world of rap rock/pop/alternative or whatever label you'd like to put on 'the genre', I was always a 311/Sublime kind of ska-ish jams more than a fan of the Limp Bizkit craze of rap 'metal'.  (I may break the record for stereotypical genre labels in one article so I got that going for me.)  Redlight King dabbles in a bit of all of the above, with seeming ease, and pulls off some strong tracks with 'Bullet in My Hand', a mad deep introspective on 'When the Dust Settles Down', and even an interpretation of 'Old Man' that includes, and was approved by, a hook from Neil Young himself.  Imagine if Everlast beat up The Script and throw in a bit of Fuel and that may give you an idea of the sound, for the more cross genre educated.

    Halestorm you may know, you just don't know it.  Grammy winning performers won with the slightly radio worn out hit 'I Miss the Misery' and the fetching lead vocals, and presence, of Lzzy Hale aim to blow your face off.  As my thousands of faithful readers know, female rockers certainly have a special place in my heart and in listening to more of their catalog lately it reminds me of some stellar late 80s/early 90s hard rock with a modern twist.  I mean any band that does a cover EP with tracks from Guns 'n Roses and Lady Gaga on it has some range people.  

    All around it should be a rocking night and doors open at 7!

    Tickets:  Sold out so get creative

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