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    Its official. Halloween has swooped down from the dusty attic and cast its looming shadow over the city.  I know because I drove down Hillcrest Avenue, a seemingly ordinary street that runs perpendicular to Frankfort Ave. and Brownsboro Rd., this week as my children ogled out the car window at the glory of gore displayed there.  I watched grown men, drenched in sweat hammer an old car's carcass into the arid soil of their front yard while a menagerie of eerie mannequins stared wide-eyed in amusement from the neighbor's balcony. It's amazing really, the effort that these husbands put into crafting these sinister scenes--each yard outdoing the next. Giant spiders, a motorcycle grave-yard, Charlie Brown and friends, its all there waiting for your family to relish (and year after year, it never seems to lose its awe).

    If the creep and gore don't do it for you, Glassworks is holding a family-friendly workshop the month of October where you can "blow your own pumpkin" (I had to explain to my son that didn't mean blow-up).  The workshop is $60 per person/pumpkin, but guaranteed to last longer than the organic variety.

    Finally, what is Halloween without the costume, the mask you can't see out of, the make-up, the fake contusion?  There are plenty of transient Halloween super-stores posted through town that scream at you with giant neon-lettering, but the family must experience one Louisville staple: Caufield's. If you miss their parade tonight, October 8th at 7:00 on Bardstown Rd., never fear--there is plenty to cringe from in their store located at 1006 West Main St.  I remember going there myself as a child and I will surely pass on this Louisville tradition.

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