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    Happy birthday, Wild and Woolly Video! [Movies]
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    Louisville got a fantastic gift 15 years ago. On this date in 1997, a man named Todd Brashear opened a small video rental store carrying only 300 VHS tapes, mostly of the horror and martial arts variety. Since then, Wild and Woolly Video has exploded in popularity, becoming the go-to place for movie rentals, both mainstream and obscure.

    Obscure is, of course, Wild and Woolly’s specialty. Anybody looking for the new “Twilight” DVD release can find it there, but a more broad-minded soul could spend hours flipping through the DVD selections, always finding something new and exciting to view. Every video store has a Drama section and a Comedy section, but how many others have areas specifically titled “Cannibal” or “Nunsploitation” (as well as whole sections devoted to Psychotronic films, experimental films, and, most importantly, Team Troma!)? If Wild and Woolly doesn’t have it, they can get it for you – and if they can’t get it for you, it probably doesn’t exist.

    In this rough economy and the ongoing fall of physical video stores with the onslaught of Netflix and Redbox, Wild and Woolly continues strong after 15 years with a simple formula: they provide a unique renting experience with friendly, helpful, and, most importantly, knowledgeable staff. Blockbuster employees have historically been teenagers with a job because their parents told them too, but those who work at Wild and Woolly have a passion for movies and can make suggestions or identify that movie that your friend told you about that had that guy with that hair. They outlived the Blockbuster down the street for a reason.

    Shop local. Rent at Wild and Woolly. “Like” them on Facebook and listen to Todd Brashear on 91.9 WFPK every Tuesday at 4:20 to hear the week’s DVD releases (and have a chance at winning a free DVD). They deserve your business.

    Happy birthday, Wild and Woolly Video. Let’s go for another fifteen!

    Image: Wild and Woolly Facebook page.

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