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    I have heard many Louisville residents say “If you don’t like the weather today, just wait until tomorrow.” My brief time here in Louisville has taught me that this is more than merely something that people say for fun. The weather here certainly seems to have a mind of its own and behaves—compared to what I am accustomed to—in an unpredictable manner. To a newcomer it appears that Fall is arriving, regardless of the Autumnal Equinox scheduled for September 23.

    Granted, I am used to the small amount of variance that Central Florida’s climate has to offer; nine or so months of hot and humid mixed in with a few months pleasant. The ability of the climate here to actually change, and resemble seasons, is a welcomed break from what I have come to expect from Mother Nature. While I am certainly taken aback by the fact that a few days ago the temperature was lingering in the high nineties, and today it might not hit seventy, I am optimistic. I am looking forward to watching leaves change color and even seeing snow for the first time since I was a child. In preparation for this, I have asked a few new friends who have been in the area for some time how I can best prepare for the coming seasons.

    What to Expect

    • Varying temperatures through December which range from t-shirt to jacket weather.
    • Cold temperatures from mid-December through February that will require a heavy coat, thick socks and a positive attitude.
    • Anywhere between zero and twenty snowfalls, which only tend to stay on the ground for a day or two.
    • For some allergies are associated with changing seasons. I have been forewarned about this factor by countless residents.

    To a longtime resident this topic may be passé. To a person who is new to the city, knowing what to expect from the weather is vital. I personally will be doing a good amount of shopping in the coming weeks in order to be adequately prepared for the temperatures that are just over the horizon. I also might do a little preemptive research on best practices for scraping ice off of a windshield and finding the best Fall festivals. If you are an experienced resident feel free to leave some comments about what we “newbies” are in store for. As always remember to keep it clean and on topic.

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    I am a freelance writer who is looking to meet new people and better get to know the Louisville area.

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