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    Why not get outside and do something new with the family this Memorial Day weekend? Not only are there a ton of events going on in Louisville every weekend, there are also many new places and outdoor activities for you check out.
    Here my top five ideas for outdoor fun this weekend:

    Take your dog to an off-leash dog park.

    Want to get outside and play with the whole family, including your furry friend? Why not pack up and go to an off-leash dog park? Since law prohibits pets running free in common areas, it is sometimes difficult to enjoy time outdoors with your dogs, especially in areas such as parks. However, there is a solution to this problem; there are currently four off-leash dog parks in Louisville. Spend this long weekend with your canines getting some exercise, sun and essential bonding time.
    Click here for more information.

    Visit a private zoo.

    Want to spend your day with exotic animals but don’t want to deal with the crowds at the Louisville Zoo? Visit a private zoo, such as Henry’s Ark in Prospect. This was my favorite place in the world growing up. Henry’s Ark is a private, 600-acre farm that holds over 100 animals. Kids and adults will love being able to get up close and personal with all of these unusual, and might I say surprisingly friendly, animals. And are you ready for the best part? It’s free (although the park does accept donations.) Henry’s Ark is open from nine to sunset on Thursday-Sunday.
    Contact the ark at (502) 228-0746 with any questions.

    Go for a jog somewhere new.

    Tired of the same scenery on your every day jog? Why not take the family for a walk or run somewhere new? Louisville Metro Parks are filled with miles of exercise paths in over two dozen different locations. These parks also contain bike paths to fulfill your cycling needs.
    Click here for more information and locations.

    Take a look at the city… under the city.

    We all know about the Falls of the Ohio in Clarksville, Indiana, but did you know that we have our very own cavern in Louisville? The Louisville Mega Cavern is a man-made cave located under a number of roadways in the city. The cavern offers many different activities such as tours and zip lining. Since it is located underground, it is also a great way to beat the heat and learn a little about science while you’re at it.
    Click here for more information.

    Dine on water.

    Why should your time outdoors be limited to time on land? The Steamer Belle of Louisville is a 98 year-old National Historic Landmark which used to bring passengers and goods to the ports along the Ohio River. Now, the Belle offers lunch and dinner cruises which include live entertainment, a full-bar and, of course, delicious meals. Gather up the family and cruise along the Ohio.
    Click here for rates and cruise information.

    This Memorial Day Weekend is going to be a hot one. Gather up the family and get outside and have some fun, but remember to stay hydrated. Enjoy!

    Photo: Courtesy Louisville Mega Cavern

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