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    The Sea and Cake play Headliners
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    The gods of indie rock have shown their love for the ‘Ville and we get the fruits of their labor.  Uber cool indie rock band, The Sea and Cake will be in Louisville Saturday, Headliners to be exact.  The tour is brand spankin’ new this fall and will feature many songs from the ninth studio offering, The Moonlight Butterfly, dropped in May of this year.  Sam Prekop (vocals, guitar) took a few moments to have a chat about the new album, the tour, and of course coming to the music mecca – that would be Louisville.

    Prekop talked nostalgically about the formative years as he commented, “we started when there was a slower pace for bands. It took longer to get an audience and I think that helped to stabilize our careers”.  Sam and I chatted about how bands seem to be popular one day and gone the next, “this was better as opposed to becoming popular on the internet and a fleeting sensation”, Prekop added.  The hard work paid off as The Sea and Cake continues to keep the music fresh, the fans happy, and yeah, they get to travel the world – major perk!  The Sea and Cake remains with Thrill Jockey Records, those who released their self-titled debut album hit in 1994.  

    The very cool indie rock band consists of the talents of Sam Prekop, along with Archer Prewitt (guitar, vocals, piano), John McEntire (percussion, drums, some synthesizer), and Eric Claridge (bass, synthesizer) to round out the foursome.  Both Prekop and Prewitt released solo albums in addition to their contributions to the band.  When asked about his favorite song, Prekop answered, “My favorite song to play of late is Inn Keeping, so I can say you will hear it along with half of the new album”.  

    After 20 years together, these guys from Chicago can throw it down with smooth melodic tunes with just enough jazz to get the feet tappin’.  Prekop noted, “we work with an older tradition; feels like we aren’t obsolete”. The Sea and Cake smoothly transitioned their focus as the years progressed, yet their intentions remained the same while their contemporaries faded into obscurity.   

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