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    Even if you haven't yet spent more than ten minutes outside in all of 2010, it's not too late to start training for the Triple Crown of Running!  This annual three-race event, leading up to and in celebration of the Kentucky Derby, begins with the Anthem 5K Fitness Classic, which is set for Saturday, March 6th.  

    5K's, (3.1 miles), are a great way to start or reestablish a serious running addiction and are a lot less expensive than drugs ($20 registration if you enter before February 22nd).

    Following the Anthem 5K will be the Rodes City Run, a 10K, and the Papa John's 10-miler.  If even the thought of running ten miles at one time makes your knees shake, then don't -- that is, run with friends and divvy up the miles.  There's no extra fee for a team registration, but there may be extra fun from start to finish.

    Do it for the endorphin rush.  Do it because you'll be able to outrun a TARC bus.  Do it because you'll get drunk faster after crossing the finish line... [Insert ripped-off Nike slogan] and if you happen to be 23 years old and a female, please don't beat my time.

    For more info about the runs, or to register, go to

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