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    A Heavenly Cupcake at Heart and Soy
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    This is going to be a short article because I honestly just want to gush about the incredibly delicious carrot cupcake I had from Heart and Soy recently. But the main reason why I want you to know about it is because it was VEGAN!

    I sneered  when I saw “vegan”. I stared at the label and sarcastically thought, “Ohhh, yummy – a vegan cupcake. No eggs, no butter. Yum.” But I bought it. After all, I was in a vegetarian/vegan establishment. When in Rome, y’know. I do love a good carrot cake with fluffy cream cheese icing. So, with very little enthusiasm, I skeptically unwrapped my Vegan Carrot Cupcake and took a bite.

    I was utterly blown away by how moist and delicious it was. And perfectly baked. With a little blob of silky cream cheese icing on top. Mmm…

    According to, Heart and Soy (as well as the adjoining Roots) is run to uphold 3 values: vegetarianism, health, and community awareness. A vegan cupcake this good is enough to capture my attention.

    At $4.25 each, I will admit that these cupcakes are a little pricey. However, you’re supporting a revolutionary local place. It’s a splurge, but it’s also worth every penny. :) Treat yourself!

    Heart and Soy

    1216 Bardstown Rd.

    Louisville, KY 40204

    (502) 452-6678

    Hours: M-F from 11 AM to 10 PM and Sunday from Noon to 8 PM

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