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    I was counting breaths, labored, shallow breaths.  The sound was the most horrible gasping, rasping, constricted sound I’ve heard before or since.  The sound of the road as we drove slapped out a tempo, but I was counting breaths.  

    For parents, it’s interesting how time slows when you’re children are sick, and when they are seriously ill it can seem to stand still.  I couldn’t seem to exhale, so to keep time I counted his breaths. 

    Our destination was Kosair Children’s Hospital, Kentucky’s only free-standing, full-service pediatric hospital.   The diagnosis for our son was RSV – an infant respiratory virus.  His stay was short.  But, for so many families here in Louisville, the stays are much harder and longer.  

    Some Facts about Kosair Children’s Hospital: 


    the emergency department sees about 45,000 children a year making it one of the busiest emergency departments in the state. 


    Kosair Children's Hospital treats more than 80 children newly   diagnosed with cancer each year and has more than 600 children in ongoing cancer treatment, clinics and follow up annually. 


    With a 97-bed unit, Kosair Children’s Hospital is home one of the largest neonatal intensive care units in the country, caring for more than 1,000 premature babies a year.


    Children are treated regardless of the family’s ability to pay

    It’s the last fact that has lead the 5 local Main Line Broadcasting radio stations to team up for the Children’s Miracle Network – Kosair Children’s Hospital Radiothon, presented by Commonwealth Bank and Trust. 


    For the next two days, Today and Friday, B96.5 [WGZB], 99.7 DJX [WDJX], Majic 101.3 [WMJM], 102.3 The MAX [WXMA] and 105.1 FM TALK [WLRS] will be broadcasting from the lobby at Kosair to share stories, raise money and highlight projects that needs your donation.

    Has Kosair Children’s Hospital helped your family?  The family of someone close to you?  If so you can thank them, call 1-877-335-KIDS [1-877-335-5437] or just CLICK HERE to make a donation.  You can make sure more parents can exhale knowing that Kosair Children’s Hospital will be there.    

    Photos from Kosair and Commonwealth Bank & Trust

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