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    Revelry Boutique Gallery, at 742 E. Market Street, is celebrating a birthday August 22 at 7 p.m. It's been a wild ride - the party started in 2010 on Barrett Avenue with 20 artists, one of whom was Mike Maydak; his solo exhibit "Heritage" ("an eclectic mix of portraiture, architecture, and local imagery") will be on display at Revelry through September 16. Revelry owner Mo McKnight Howe is an active and engaged member and supporter of Louisville's artistic community and she answered a few questions about Revelry's past and what lies ahead for the shop. So what's changed the most for Revelry over the past five years? 

    Mo McKnight Howe: "Revelry is all grown up now. It did not happen until we made the big move to Nulu - a huge change in location, square footage and rent! I knew it would be a game-changer and that I would have to work a lot harder, but so far it has been worth it! It has been fun to watch my baby grow up." What do you hope will happen for Rev over the next five years? 

    Mo McKnight Howe: "I hope Revelry will become a staple in the community like other galleries that I have admired. Galleries like Swanson Contemporary and Edenside have been places I've gone to since I was a child. They have inspired myself and Revelry. I hope we can continue to grow and evolve with Louisville like so many small businesses have. And who knows? Maybe someday we will bring our local artists to another city!"

    You follow Revelry on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and RSVP for the birthday celebration here. 

    Images provided by Mo McKnight Howe and Revelry's Facebook Page.

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