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    Highlonesome, Quiet Hollers and Bosco hit the stage at The Mag Bar
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    Quiet Hollers, Highlonesome and Bosco will be taking the stage at the Magnolia (Mag) Bar on Friday 13th at 9 p.m.

    Highlonesome is a roots music band bound with tradition in Bluegrass and Punk. The band was formed in Milwaukee, WI by front man and songwriter Noah Tyson. Highlonesome brings high energy music with a twist of the dark side. Songs such as, Healer, Devil at the Door are an emotional outpouring of real life experience. These original works are the sounds of life. The lyrics are honest and pure dealing with death, drug addiction and love lost. Their 3rd and latest release, "In Life We Can't Be Free" on the Farmageddon Record label is a high caliber, expressive work that will not disappoint.

    Quiet Hollers is a home grown roots band with lyrical genius that is reminiscent of Dylan. They are self professed Bummer Folk, Yes Depression, Punk influenced, angst fueled, Americana band. Quiet Hollers is poetry set to music. Front man writer, Shadwick Wilde has a soulful voice that is certain to engage the audience. Their style is a fantastic jumble of folk, bluegrass, rock mixed with punk attitude. Wilde cites his transition from Punk to Folk as life. Quiet Hollers perform their original music with songs such as Destitution Road and Girls like you and also covering The Misfits "I Turned Into A Martian" with banjos, acoustic guitar and violin. This is an opportunity to come out and catch them live and give your ears some nourishment. Their much anticipated, upcoming album,"I Am The Morning" is certain to please.

    Bosco will hit this venue running. Their high energy, quick wit and tales of true life are always alluring. Their original songs, Goose and Gander, Momma Said and I'm Not Sorry to name a few from their latest release "B Is For Bosco" are unique and pleasing to the soul. Bosco sets itself apart in every way, visually, intellectually, and musically. They are bringing roots music, stripped to the bone, sounds to Louisville. Samuel St. Samuel and Trey Oswald, contribute great vocals and energy to the crowd with their interactive style, and vigor.

    All three bands are, in their own right, innovators and brilliant musicians. Louisville is fortunate to have them performing together for one night at the Mag Bar.

    Photo: Courtesy of Samuel St. Samuel

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