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    “Before we start I have to ask, is that a horse skull?”

    And indeed it was. Prominently displayed within an elevated wooden and glass box, with red curtains to either side, like a small stage. Upon the glass, written in curly cream letters: “Hippik Hippique. Equestrian Art, Curiosities & Unusual Habits.” 

    Assumedly, “Izzy” the skull wasn’t the only curiosity in the pop-up Butchertown boutique and gallery.  

    “It’s like Anthropologie for horse girls, if Anthropologie was run by Morticia Addams,” said Sarah Coble, the owner of Hippik. 

    And indeed, the showroom floor housed a variety of equestrian-themed paraphernalia. From a round-chair loomed together with over 140 leather belts, to a custom jewel-purple riding habit hat with matching lace netting, to intricately detailed corsets that look equally as suited to a bedroom as to a barn. 

    But with Coble’s diverse background, it’s no wonder she’s managed to curate such an eclectic spread.  Coble has worked as an arts and equestrian writer. She’s an architect and a costume designer by trade. Her mother was an antique dealer. Coble has trained horses, rides sidesaddle herself, and now owns a farm in Shelby County. 

    And on March 28, she fused all her expertise and passions into her gallery. 

    Hippik used to be nothing more than a traveling booth displayed by Coble at horse shows, but she set up a pop-up shop on Story Avenue—right next to Paul’s Hat works— to see how the public would react. 

    “We’ll be here until Derby, hopefully longer,” Coble said. “Hippik on Story Ave is just a tiny vignette of what we would like to become—a 360-design concept offering design and building for home and farm, art and local, artisan-made furnishings and accessories; as well as custom equestrian and equestrian-inspired apparel, accessories, equipment and supplies for horse and rider.” 

    As part of the Frankfort Avenue Trolley Hop, Coble is having a reception with neighboring shop, Paul’s Hat Works at the Gallery this Friday, April 25 from 6-9 p.m. And whether you’re shopping for a unique Derby hat, are intrigued by oddities and curiosities, or just want to ask Coble about her other horse skull (yes, there is another), be sure to stop by on the trolley and support another blossoming local business. 

    Hippik is located at 1403 Story Avenue.

    More information on the shop can be found at

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