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    We have all seen the stark, haunting photos from the Civil War battle fields.  The bodies of men lay strewn across a plain where their corpses dot the landscape like ragged, misshapen hillocks.  “Surgery” was swift, brutal and mostly fatal; stoic amputees pose with their stumped limbs, staring with hollow eyes from tense faces.  It is a kind of hell and a breed of inglorious bravery that many of us will never face in our comfortable lifetimes.  But far beyond the war torn fields of battle, the bravery of the Civil War story continued.  Historian and Journalist, Adam Goodheart, unveils an epic picture of the Union at war from the deserts of Nevada to the slums of Manhattan in his book, 1861: The Civil War Awakening.  Join Goodheart this Sunday, November 20th, for a lecture on the heroism that took place behind the bloody drama of combat.

    Adam Goodheart, a professor of American Studies and History at Washington College, is a seasoned acquaintance of history, journalism and essay writing.  A regular columnist for the acclaimed New York Times Magazine Civil War series, “Disunion”, Goodheart has also been featured in the pages of National Geographic, Outside, Smithsonian and The Atlantic.  His new release and first book, 1861: The Civil War Awakening, places a deft finger on the pulse of America during this pivotal, historic conflict.

    Handling a rigorous bundle of original sources, Goodheart’s  1861 exhumes the lives of both ordinary and notable citizens as the nation around them collapsed into war.  Goodheart brings together a cast of little-known characters and weaves their stories into a narrative that introduces readers to the courage of the home front.  Follow the heroism of a militia colonel, an explorer’s wife, a band of German immigrants, a regiment of New York City fireman, a community of Virginia slaves and a young college professor destined to become president.  1861 shadows a moment in our nation’s history and keenly paints the zeitgeist of a time of ultimate decision.

    Goodheart will present this history snapshot at Ballard High School in conjunction with The Filson Historical Society’s Gertrude Polk Brown Lecture Series.  The event begins at 5pm and is free for members; non-members will pay $10.  Reservations are required. 

    For more information, visit The Filson’s website or call 635-5083

    Photo: Courtesy of Adam Goodheart’s website

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