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    H&M makes it official: New store to open in Louisville this fall
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    Remember when and a few other media outlets announced back in January that Swedish fast-fashion retailer H&M (H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, if you’re nasty) was finally going to open a store in Oxmoor Center sometime in the fall of this year, making every fashionista in the city’s dream come true like Anne Hathaway’s Oscar?

    Do you also remember when H&M had an internal communication breakdown between two of its departments that led to conflicting reports about said appearance in the Louisville market? It was definitely a bit of a headache for this writer, especially when I saw my email about this dispute sent to some “super-secret” department that H&M’s frontline could tell me nothing about.

    Guess what? Courtesy of our friends over at Insider Louisville, H&M sent out a press release today confirming what we’ve known all along: A 27,000 square-foot store full of dépêche mode coming to Oxmoor Center this fall. It’ll have everything: Selections for men, women and children, a store within a store for lingerie, sporting apparel, maternity et al, plus-size collections under the name H&M+, even “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” bandages; the Swedes really did carry these at one point.

    UPDATE: Another dispatch from Insider Louisville has a bit more detail on the store itself. In short: Two stories (11,000 square-feet down below, 16,000 more up top) slightly skewed (second level skews to the left in relation to the store entrance) with internal and external entrances, all placed near the heart of Oxmoor Center where Elk Creek Winery once stood.

    No longer will you, the H&M devotee, need to pay $4.00 per gallon to fill up your Fiat 500 or MINI for a trip to Indianapolis or Cincinnati to grab a dress or top from the next big-name designer collaboration. Come this fall, all of that Swedish goodness will disembark from their fabulous Viking ship parked on the Ohio in a fleet of Volvo Amazons and SAAB 99 Turbos, and be delivered into their newest stronghold next to The Apple Store and Old Navy for all of us to behold.

    Until that time comes, though, you can follow H&M on Facebook and Twitter, as well as look over their offerings at

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