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    A home for the holidays, that is what this week's featured adoptable pets at Met
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    Homeless doggies and kitties sit by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there with homes for all. Imagine adopting a homeless pet family member and the great feeling that comes from providing them with a new loving home. Here are this weeks featured adoptable pets at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

    Dee is a small adult spayed female Schnauzer. She is in need of a good grooming and then her beauty will shine through. If you are looking for an older doggie as a companion then Dee might just work for you. If you think little Dee would be the right girl for you then have her Pet ID # A480703 ready when contacting Louisville Metro Animal Services.

    Meet Duke, he is a 2 year old purebred Beagle. Duke is neutered. His pretty eyes are outlined in black which makes them stand out. If you like the Beagle’s disposition then you will love Duke. Other dogs or a stay at home owner is best for this social guy who likes to be scratched, but he is calmer than most Beagles. If you think Duke would be a great companion for you then have his Pet ID # A479743 ready when contacting Louisville Metro Animal Services about him.

    8 month old small neutered male Fox Terrier/Beagle brothers Dave and Bill are inseparable. They have relied on each other for security and do not like to be apart. It would be devastating to either to be separated at this point. After all what is family for? They touch noses to check in with each other to make sure all is okay, a very intelligent pair. They are not for first time dog owners but experienced Terrier aficionados would love them. If you have room in your heart to give these two devoted siblings their forever home together then have their Pet ID # A472958 and A472959 ready when contacting Metro Animal Services about them.

    Ginger is an older female adult spayed Welsh Corgi mix. Ginger’s foster mom had hopes of adopting Ginger but she is a little food aggressive and this did not work out with her other animals. Ginger knows commands. She gets along well with other dogs and cats but needs to be fed separately due to the food aggression. Small children would not be suitable because of Ginger’s older age. If you are someone who just wants one dog to keep you company and have a quieter household then she would be great for you. Have Ginger’s Pet ID # A468701 handy when contacting Louisville Metro Animal Services about her.

    Treo is a small adult male Bichon Frise mix. He is neutered and ready to go home with someone. How can you resist that face? If you like the Bicho Frise breed and think you can give little Treo his happy forever home please have his Pet ID # A437739 ready when contacting Louisville Metro Animal Services.

    Abby is a cat of a different color, or we should say colors. This pretty young female spayed calico kitty loves attention. She will be your personal assistant. If you think Abby can be the company you need then please have her Pet ID # A465194 ready when contacting Louisville Metro Animal Services about her. Abby represents the many adult cats and kittens available for adoption at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

    To see all the adoptable pets at Louisville Metro Animal Services go to their section on the Petfinder website here.

    For more information on this week’s featured pets contact Louisville Metro Animal Services at: 502-473-PETS (7387), or by email:

    For more information on adopting a pet go to the Metro Animal Services website here.

    Metro Animal Service’s Animal House Adoption Center is located at 3516 Newburg Rd., Louisville, KY 40218.

    Photos: Courtesy of Metro Animal Services, Louisville


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