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    Tonight Tonight, the Palace Theatre will be rocking when Hot Chelle Rae, opening for The Script, kicks the rock show into gear tonight. 

    Hot Chelle Rae, consisting of lead singer Ryan Follese, drummer Jamie Follese, guitarist Nash Overstreet, and bassist Ian Keaggy, literally was named after a MySpace friend, calling herself Chelle Rae, who wasn't who she said she was.  

    The hoax was "pretty elaborate," guitarist Nash Overstreet said. "She friended me first then she friended the rest of the band." When the band figured out the hoax, "We called her on it, and she just disappeared."

    The newly-christened Hot Chelle Rae toured by crowded van in support of their first album, Lovesick Electric, which had a Dashboard Confessional-meets-Killers vibe to go with the songs on breaking up, falling in love, and dancing.  

    The band finally got noticed with the release of their EP and title track "Tonight Tonight." Tonight Tonight came about due to the band wanting a song that said, according to Overstreet "Let's not worry about work.  Let's go out and have fun"

    That's what Hot Chelle Rae is about these days.  

    "(We want to) give people songs to escape their lives for awhile," Overstreet said.  

    Oh, and yes, that is Glee's Chord Overstreet, Nash's brother, in the Tonight Tonight video making out with the girl.  

    "Pretty hard day of work (for Chord)," Overstreet said.  Chord has "always been really supportive of the band, and we've been pretty supportive of him."

    Following Tonight Tonight's success, the band found themselves getting noticed more outside of shows, like at malls.  So far, Overstreet said about the fan reaction, "it's been pretty calm and collected," though the reaction somewhat intensifies after a show.  No injuries, thankfully, just "a lost necklace, but nothing too big," Overstreet said.  

    Something the fans will enjoy will be Hot Chelle Rae's new album, which is tenatively to be released in late November. Overstreet described the new album, still to be named, as having "hip hop elements, more keyboards, fall in love songs, break up songs, escape songs.  A pretty wide range" of music.  

    The band's second single, I Like It Like That, as well as Tonight Tonight will be included on the album.  "If you like Tonight Tonight, you'll love the album," Overstreet said.

    The band may play some of those songs tonight at the Palace Theatre, where they will be opening for The Script, a band Hot Chelle Rae enjoys being with on tour.  

    "The tour is going amazing," Overstreet said.  "Those are some of the coolest guys to hang out with after a show."  

    By the way, Hot Chelle Rae has moved from cramped van to full-size tour bus, a fact the band does not take for granted before each show.  During their pre-show warmup they "pray and we also say thank you for the tour bus," Overstreet siad.  

    While staying in Louisville, Hot Chelle Rae may be checking out the Bardstown Road-Highlands area sometime during the day or after the show.  

    For the fans, check them out at the Palace Theatre along with The Script.  Hot Chelle Rae's Twitter page can also be found through this link.

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    (Image from Hot Chelle Rae)

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