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    I really like coy comments and headlines, only because I know how funny I am (just ask me), but for the life of me I couldn’t come up with one in review of the Houndmouth show this past Saturday. As you were warned, the show was a sell out and the place was packed with friends, family, and especially fans.  Brother Stephen nicely warmed up the semi packed house early and Andrew Combs really got things going after. 

    Now, I’m convinced a lot of regular concert goers have ‘pre-show/concert’ routines, some involving where to pregame or maybe meet up, but bands certainly do too in my experience.  Being a journalistic fan of the bands I cover, I obviously try to give them their space as I post up in my usual spot, at Headliners anyway, trying to lock in the post-show interview.  Saturday was no exception, but I was amazed at the way Houndmouth took to their friends and families in the crowd before the show.  A true ‘homecoming’ in every sense of the word and the vibe was incredible.  I was able to speak to most of the band prior and they were even keen to chat to me afterwards.  Point being, these are an incredible bunch of people and musicians and it was an honor to even be there.

    As they took the stage the place was packed and people were hype.  A woman next to me had come from Lexington, alone, just to see them as she had loved the show the night before so much she wanted more.  For those of who didn’t catch the Lexington show, we all just wanted some and we got it.  Houndmouth’s most popular song is ‘Penitentiary’ and they opened with it fast out of the gate.  Bands that do this really get a soft spot where my heart should be, as it’s as if they’re saying ‘if this is all you came for, here ya go, but just wait until you hear what’s next!’  From there they took us on their own musical journey with other songs off their EP and new loving goodness we can expect in the future.  They are really impressive all around and over the past year have matured into a well-crafted machine of musical magnificence (there it is).  And no, afterwards I let them revel with their own friends and family as they deserved to, as reward for delivering such a wonderful experience for all of us.

    Photo Credit: This guy (penalty for theft is a Honey Boo Boo marathon while on bath salts)

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