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    Last November I tried to tell my thousands of loyal readers that Houndmouth is the real deal. Just this past Friday at Iroquois Amphitheater they further solidified their place in the hearts of Louisvillians as the mayor declared it Houndmouth Day and fans came out in droves to hear this local band.

    The night kicked off well, as my companion for the evening had yet to have a live Houndmouth experience, the rain held off and parking wasn't too bad. We got there a shade early and discovered that the one ATM machine at the venue was out of order, but the lack of a ready-cash option didn't seem to affect the crowd, which filled up the amphitheater nicely.

    Everyone was gassed up and ready to ride once Houndmouth took the stage, and the band delivered in newfound glory. Since just November, they've matured nicely into a precious gem of local rock 'n roll stature. On Friday they played a flawless set that included two encores, a jam with the opening bands and exuded an overall confidence that was evident in both their new songs and previously released songs. The quality of the band's performance and the energy delivered by the crowd took the concert to a special level.

    Houndmouth's full-length album is due out June 2nd (and our friends at Madpixel still have some collector posters that are really sweet). So you had best get yourself to the next show as things are on the big up for these folks. Still listened to Discount Guns after, but don't hate as the show left every Houndmouth satisfied at least for the evening.

    Photo Credit: Houndmouth (penalty for thievery is legal action...seriously)

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