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    1. Still have an ear-x-tacy sticker on the back of your car. Even if you never really went to Ear-X-tacy. Bonus points if you’ve cut up the letters to read something else. Extra bonus points if you have a “Coexist” bumper sticker. Listen to vinyl and bemoan the fact that ear-x-tacy is gone.



    1. Eat only farm-to-table. Or Vegan. Or freegan. Or pescatarian

      . But throw all dietary needs aside for a pre-prohibition era cocktail with like, flora and fauna sprinkled in it and a garnish harvested from Narnian enchanted oak trees. $10 for a cocktail? Cheap. $10 for a bunch of free-range, lovingly crafted carrots from a local farmer? Well, gotta spend this barista money somehow.



    1. Be suitably pierced and tattooed, and make sure it’s totally unique. Corset piercing? Have them. Tattoo of the Louisville skyline as a tramp stamp? Sooo cool. T-shirts from Why? Louisville paired with funky tights from Dot Fox, costume jewelry from Margarets, and a vintage handbag from Nitty Gritty.

    1. Go to underground shows and feel superior to your friends that only go to Yum! For concerts. Feel superior in general.

    1. You’ve never been to Fourth Street, it’s too mainstream. Nulu, Butchertown, Bardstown Road and Frankfort Avenue are more your style. Laugh at people who suggest a chain restaurant or bar. Judge them.



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