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    So you conquered the Mint Julep, dominated the Lilly, and hung out with your old friend bourbon. It’s 7:00, the big race has been ran and the winning horse draped in roses, oh, and you’re drunk.  Driving home is not the option and never is, so how the hell are you going to get home? Have no fear, four-wheel transportation is here! Here’s a list of some great, safe transportation options ready to scoop and drive you home this Derby season.

    Uber Along

    Uber will be driving around the clock and have both uberX and UberBLACK on the road, which also means surge pricing will likely be in effect most of the time, so be aware. This year Uber has a specific pick up and drop off location at 4th Avenue between Central and Heywood. Remember to be patient and ready. Always identify your driver by asking their name before getting in the car!

    Need a Lyft?

    Lyft is another great independent driving company, but it’s smaller than Uber. They don’t have a specific location for pick up and drop off, so you’ll have to be more specific when hailing a ride from your phone. The picture below shows a map of nearby locations for pick up. Patience pays off. You and 100,000 other mostly intoxicated people are all trying to get home safely! Again, be sure to identify your driver before stepping in the vehicle.

    Nearby Landmark Pickup Locations
    Image: Kentucky Derby Official Website 

    Ride Officially with Yellow Cab

    Yellow Cab is the official cab company of Churchill Downs. They line up right out front and that’s great, but lines for these taxis can be long after races, so expect to wait. Starting metered fare is $4.70 with each additional mile set at $2.25.

    Go Green Cab

    Eco-friendly and no surge pricing! Green Cab claims to be cheaper than both Uber and Lyft and you can book a ride in advance. Plus they take cash and major credit cards.

    Get Ready Cab

    Since 1951 Ready Cab has been waiting for you! Well, maybe not only you, but they have been and will be waiting. They’re another 24/7 service so feel free to keep drinking the Julep until the Mint dries out. Rates start at $4.31 with each additional metered mile costing $2.06.

    Take Xtreme Transportation

    Go ahead, take it to the next level with this preferred transportation provider. Xtreme Transportation has been voted #1 by WHAS11 for four years running. Rent a single or two-day limousine, SUV, van, or a sedan in advance for hassle free entering and exiting. They can accommodate groups from 1 to 300! So, if you’re a socialite and plan on leaving with 259 of your new friends, this is the ride for you. You can get a quote here which probably means this isn’t a cheap ride, but it’s safe and reliable!

    Try Executive Transportation

    Another advanced booking joint “dedicated to meeting your every transportation need,” so I guess that includes being all liquored up! Executive Transportation offers hourly and daily trip rates based on trip details, so who knows what they’re charging for Derby. However, one thing is certain here you’ll leave in style.

    To Depot or Not to Depot

    On Oaks and Derby days there are two shuttles, Bus Depot and Taxi Depot, that will shuttle you from your parked car to Downs, but this really does nothing at the end of race day if you’ve been indulging in the finer sips of life. Sure, you could take a shuttle back to your car, just don’t get in. The shuttles aren’t free either! You’re looking at anywhere from $8.00 to $20.00. Check here for more information and locations. 


    Cover Image: Flickr/Faisal AlThani

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