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    UPS has a major operation in Louisville. And while working for UPS certainly has its perks, Peak Week (that magical time before Christmas when everyone and their aunt is mailing holiday packages) is this week. UPS is Louisville's largest employer, and according to this article they employ 55,000 seasonal employees. While of course everyone is grateful for a job, this is how it feels to work at UPS during peak week. 


    1. No sleep. Ever. Oh you think it's time to sleep? Wrong. 


    By the time you get caught up on shuteye the next day, you're already late for work. 


    2. Sore. Achy. Unsure if just tired from work or actually getting the sniffles. Or the plague. 


    God help you if everyone on your belt comes down with the flu.


    3. Covered in dust, debris, ice, and sadness.



    4. Feeling like a Scrooge for hating the holidays so much. 


    Missing all the holiday parties because you're just too tired. Binge-eating Christmas cookies because that little rush of energy from the sugar is so necessary. 


    5. Feeling like Scrooge McDuck because you're rolling in cash money, y'all! Overtime for days! 


    Yeah, it's not all bad. Hang in there. 

    Editor's note: this article first appeared on in 2013.

    Cover photo courtesy of UPS, gifs courtesy of

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