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     As the “fleeting cold spell,” as called by National Weather Service meteorologist Rick Lasher, moves into Louisville over the next couple of days, homeowners should prepare their pipes for the icy weather to move in.  Not only is the icy weather moving in, it’s threatening to become the unwanted houseguest wreaking havoc on your water pipes.  Here’s a few tips on how to prevent water pipes bursting from the subzero weather. 

    Cover the crawl space. 

    If your house has a crawl space, make sure to cover it securely.  Preventing freezing winter winds from entering outside vents will keep water pipes protected from wintry gusts.  Keep the garage door closed because some pipes may be located under the concrete slabs in the garage. 

    Keep a trickle of water flowing. 

    If your pipes have a history of freezing in the cold, a steady flow of water running will prevent another disastrous pipe burst. 

    Bundle up. 

    Areas vulnerable to freezing include pipes under kitchen sinks, in crawl spaces, near windows and in unheated basements.  Wrapping water pipes in insulated material will ensure they stay warm and toasty, protected from the frigid elements.  

    Locate the shut-off valve. 

    Because the water shut-off valve controls all the water in your home, in the event of an emergency where a pipe does burst, knowing where the shut-off valve is will save you time and money by preventing water damage. 

    Louisville Water Company spokeswoman Kelley Dearing Smith said the company “anticipates to be busy the next couple of days.”  With temperatures dipping to zero and below Tuesday night, it’s important to protect your house from the icy weather.  For more information, visit the Louisville Water co.  

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