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    As you bring your patience with you to Thunder Over Louisville and then bring it back out as the show ends, here are some tips to get you back home with your sanity in check.

    • Run a quick checklist of everything you brought with you and make sure you didn’t leave anything.Coolers? Chairs? Blankets? Children?
    • First person back to the car wins! Wins what? You decide… maybe the winner gets to drive home?
    • See if you know who the celebrities are on the "Louisville's Own" posters you see draped from buildings.
    • Play Dress Up with your Thunder Souvenirs. You know you bought a feather boa, air-filled alien and pimp hat. Those sound like perfect accessories for a once-in-a-lifetime vehicular performance.
    • Think back and try to count the amount of drinks you consumed throughout the day, or the amount of money you spent on those drinks.
    • Everyone describes their favorite Thunder guest. You know the ones: they have a mullet, they may have outgrown their tank top from 1992 or maybe you met someone amazing in a line at the Thunder Pot. Everybody at Thunder has a story… some are just better than others.
    • What was your favorite part of the fireworks display? A particular sequence? A song? The person's outfit standing in front of you?
    • Count how many policemen/women you see while in the car. Smack the person next to you for each one you see.
    • You get a point for every person you see stumbling around because they’ve had too much to drink OR for every person you see who can’t find their car.
    • You know you’ll at least be walking a few blocks to your car and sitting in traffic for awhile, so why not make the best of it? Remember, Derby is now just two weeks away, and that should make everyone smile!

    Happy Thunder

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