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    Derby is only 22 days away and the Derby Festival events begin tonight. So, how much do you know about the Kentucky Derby? Test your skills and knowledge about the race!


    1) The Kentucky Derby is held on which day?


    a) The first Saturday in April
    b) The first Saturday in July

    c) The first Saturday in May

    d) The first Saturday in March
    e) The first Saturday in June


    2) The fastest time in the Kentucky Derby was posted by which horse?


    a) Seattle Slew
    b) Citation

    c) Secretariat

    d) Exterminator
    e) Giacomo


    3) Which jewel of the Triple Crown is the Derby?


    a) First
    b) Second
    c) Third


    4) Who was the first Kentucky Derby Winner?


    a) Aristdes

    b) Vagrant

    c) Day Star

    d) Baden-Baden

    e) Lord Derby


    5) How many fillies have won the Kentucky Derby?


    a) 1

    b) 2

    c) 3

    d) 4

    e) 5


    6) The last gelding to win the Kentucky Derby was named what?


    a) Clyde Van Dusen

    b) Donau

    c) Venetian Way

    d) Funny Cide

    e) Regret


    7) The 2000 Kentucky Derby Winner was which horse?


    a) Fusaichi Pegasus

    b) Charismatic

    c) Grindstone

    d) Real Quiet

    e) Silver Charm


    8) The first Kentucky Derby was run in which year?


    a) 1850

    b) 1875

    c) 1900

    d) 1925

    e) 1950


    9) The largest Kentucky Derby attendance, in 1974, was what?


    a) 60,875

    b) 99,007

    c) 124,096

    d) 163,628

    e) 211,046


    10) The last Triple Crown Winner was which horse?


    a) Secretariat

    b) Citation

    c) Mr. Ed

    d) Affirmed

    e) Afleet Alex


    For the answers and to take the quiz online, go to the Kentucky Derby quiz page

    Quiz courtesy of the Kentucky Derby website.

    Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

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