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    So your new years resolution was to join a gym. And you did it. Yay, you!

    You’ve figured out how to use the elliptical and weight machines. But you know what they don’t tell you when you join a gym? How not to be that guy. Or girl. The one who bugs the crap out of the other gym goers.

    Here’s a handy guide to gym etiquette from some locals:

    “Refrain from grunting excessively, dropping the weights, or preening in the mirror.”-Jodie, recovering gym user

    Your unsolicited fitness expertise isn’t needed. Anna, an occasional gym-goer, says, “Offering tips that are un-asked for may just make the person feel like, ‘OMG, people are watching and I suck so much they feel the need to help me out. I must look really pathetic.’ "

    "Remember you aren't the only one that wants to use that piece of equipment. Save the phone for afterwards. Nothing worse than waiting for someone to update their Facebook or text someone while sitting on a machine.

    " -Dustin, avoider of the gym in favor of outdoor workouts

    Sam, who goes to the gym when the weather sucks too much to go outside says, “Literally zero women at the gym are there looking to find a date. No one wants to be hit on when they're sweaty and smelly by someone else who is equally sweaty and smelly. This is especially true if your romantic target is in the middle of a workout involving awkward body positions.”

    “If you have to bring your kids, make sure they have a book or something to play with other than the machines. It's not a jungle gym.” –Ashlee, a 3 times per week gym-goer

    Jim, who "samples randomly" from various workout forms shares a pet peeve. "Please don't post constant Facebook updates about your workout successes or failures.  The only exceptions to this rule are (1) you have lost more than 100 pounds or (2) you are in remission from cancer.


    And my favorite comes from Grace, a "casual gym rat." "CLEAN YOUR EFFING MACHINES, YOU GROSS SWEAT DEMONS!"

    Photo courtesy of Flickr user HealthGauge.

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