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    1.     Switch out the bourbon for a bottle of water.  Although Louisvillians love a healthy dose of bourbon to help the medicine go down, switching it out for water will help your body rehydrate.  On average, the body loses 10 cups of water every day just maintain itself, while this number increases with stress levels, activity and food. 

    2.     Try local Louisville honey.  Although the sweet taste makes our taste buds smile, the benefits of honey are endless in building immunity for allergies and creating a boost

    3.     Build up on the D, vitamin D.  Because your body loses opportunities for vitamin D in the winter months, build up on the vitamin D nutrients.  When the snow and ice are coming down outside, increase your intake with a glass of low-fat milk, 100 percent orange juice with added vitamin D and supplements in cod liver oil. 

    4.     Move it, move it, move it.  Pulling yourself from the depths of the warm, cozy blanket fort in your bed is a feat.  A feat well worth it.  While exercising in the winter is like pulling teeth from an eight-year old, look out for free gym offers, walk laps at the local community center, join a yoga studio or exercise at home if you’re feeling adventurous. 

    5.     Inspire yourself on the weariest of wintry days.  Wear red, yellow or green on the bleakest of wintry days to boost your mood and inspire yourself to new heights with an increased energy level.  

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