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    Huey Lewis and the News kept a passionate audience outside the Fleur De Lis stage despite being up against the Right Reverend Al Green on the Kroger Stage and country star Jason Aldean on the man Hullabalou stage. I was impressed.

    For one thing, I can't believe what crazy good shape Huey Lewis is in. Wait, I thought the same thing about Jon Bon Jovi and everyone in the B-52's. I'm doing something wrong in life when senior citizens look that much better than I do. Sure, famous senior citizens, but age should allegedly give me some advantage, right?

    Huey brought so much crazy energy to the stage. Unlike Jason Aldean, he didn't look like he was counting the minutes until he could cash a check. Huey Lewis and the News all looked happy to be here. At his most casual and exhausted on the stage he still looked conversational, like the most charismatic man you've met decided to sit down for a friendly chat with you about how much he loved the 80's. I want to play poker with him, The Most Interesting Man In The World, The Old Spice Guy, and Jon Bon Jovi.

    I also want to have his energy when I qualify for AARP.

    The crowd outside the Fleur de Lis stage was eagerly packed in tight. From my vantage, I saw arms in the air for "Heart of Rock and Roll" and "I want a New Drug" and could hear the crowd singing along. I was almost uncomfortable feeling "The Power of Love" coming from a guy my grandfather's age.

    The ensemble nature of the band was evident through the whole show. The performance wasn't just about the main act. The five of them were out there lined up together on stage singing, swaying, and urging the audience on.

    Just watching his face on the monitors was an amazing contrast to Jason Aldean, who was playing at the same time. Huey Lewis looked passionate about every word he sang. He was animated, energetic, and looked like there was nothing in this world he'd rather be doing than singing at HullabaLOU. The whole time he was on stage, he wasn't still for a single second. Jason, by contrast, stood in place and looked bored.

    Since the rest of the stages emptied in preperation for Kenny Chesney, the evening's headliner, Huey Lewis and the News stayed on, giving their fans an extra 15 minutes of great music and passionate energy after the set was supposed to end. That's dedication.

    Photo credit Chris-Rachael Oseland

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