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    A sunny late-afternoon provided the perfect backdrop for Colbie Caillat's sunny and pleasant performance on the Budweiser stage at HullabaLOU. 

    After opening the show with Fallin For You, Caillat and her band spent more than an hour going between two albums worth of hits, album tracks, and a few songs that may or may not land on her third album.  Many of the songs had a laid back, easygoing feel to them, as if she was taking the audience to the beach to enjoy, relax, and have fun.  Which makes sense as Caillat hails from southern California. 

    Caillat, vocally, sounded strong, melodic, and very expressive while never missing a note.  When she sang Fearless, one could truly believe she was not afraid of anything.  Stage presence was there as well, as Caillat worked both sides of the stage, singing and moving her hips in flirtatious fashion.  

    Caillat's band and even road crew provided some of the more memorable moments of the late-afternoon, whether it was the awesome extended guitar solo on Realize or James Young's Jason Mraz-like duet with Caillat on Lucky.  Also, a cover of No Woman No Cry was sung by Andy, who spent most of the set changing out guitars.  He sang as if he was from Jamaica, and the audience went there with him.  

    The one minor issue with the show was not a performance one.  Is there some way that HullabaLOU could maybe put an awning or tarp or something on the stage to block out the sun?  Many audience members standing stage right had to make adjustments accordingly, which ultimately didn't help when Caillat went to the opposite side of the stage.

    Nonetheless, Caillat and her band gave one of the more pleasant performances of HullabaLOU's first day.  

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