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    Dwight Yoakam followed Loretta Lynn on the Fleur de Lis stage of HullabaLOU Sunday evening, making for a pretty powerful classic country duo. With his trademark cowboy hat pulled low over his eyes and skintight blue jeans, Dwight still swivels hips with the best of them and he has one of the best backing bands around: lead guitarist Eddie Perez (formerly of The Mavericks), pedal steel player Josh Grange, barefoot drummer Mitch Marine, and long-time bass player and backup vocalist, Jonathan Clark.

    Dwight played a crowd-pleasing set of hits including "Turn Me Loose," Guitars, Cadillacs," 1000 Miles from Nowhere," and "Little Sister" that inspired the dancers in the crowd to take advantage of both the honky tonk vibe and a sudden breeze that finally kicked up as the sun went down. He seemed pleased to be playing at Churchill Downs and said he was honored to follow Loretta Lynn, as she and his folks were separated by only a "holler" or two in eastern Kentucky. Dwight also paid tribute to his old friend, the late Buck Owens, with the song they recorded together, "Streets of Bakersfield."

    There was hiccup late in the show when all the power suddenly died, but thankfully the fix didn't take too long, and they were back on track, finishing out the show with "Fast as You" and "Bury Me." Living in California has not yet rid him of the hillbilly twang that shines through in all those straight-up, honky-tonk songs that have deservedly made Yoakam famous over his distinguished career.

    Jonathan Clark Jonathan Clark on bass.

    Dwight Yoakam

    Dwight Yoakam

    Eddie Perez and Josh Grange

    Lead guitarist Eddie Perez with Josh Grange and Mitch Marine

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