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    Train performed at HullabLOU's main stage Friday afternoon, going through all their hits and a couple songs from their current album.  That's it.  There simply wasn't too much too get excited about.

    Of course, this was a performance from a band most well known for two songs (Drops of Jupiter and Hey, Soul Sister) that don't exactly make you want to get up, dance, and scream at the top of your lungs.  That probably explains why they're heard on adult contemporary radio more often than other bands in Louisville.  

    Train went through their hour long set with few write-home-to-your-mom moments.  The band sounded polished, never missing a note, at least to the untrained ear.  Guitarist Jimmy Stafford's shredding during Meet Virginia put him on par with other rock heroes at HullabaLOU.  She's on Fire, meanwhile, was full of all around energy.  Even the audience members, brought on stage to sing the title, were getting into the song.  

    But most moments were by-the-numbers or just plain boring.  Calling All Angels has been played more than their other songs on adult contemporary radio, and Train offered nothing new to make a jaded listener want to listen to it again.  Singer Pat Monahan, meanwhile, sounded either tired or out of lung power on Hey, Soul Sister.  Either way, he was unable to connect on quite a few of the song's higher notes.

    Overall, this show was more for Train's hardcore fans.  For those wanting to get interested in Train, tune to the AC stations.  They'll probably be on within the hour.  

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