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    I'm a huge fan of beer but it didn't begin that way. My first experience tasting it was at the tender age of 14 when I was visiting family in Japan. The Japanese love their crisp lagers and there was never a shortage at celebratory family gatherings. I took a sip from my cousin's frosty glass during one of these occasions. I hated it. At that age, I imagined beer to be closer to cream soda. It was really disappointing.


     revisited beer in college only to be more puzzled about everyone's obsession with beer. Every weekend the mission to find as much beer as possible had more to do with copious consumption and not flavor. Granted, we were drinking whatever was the cheapest. We were poor college students.

    I only began to understand the obsession with beer when I hit my mid twenties and began to try the good stuff. Suddenly, I couldn't get enough. I was trying everything I could get my hands on. Beer was food.


    adventures in beer have finally calmed down and now my appetites change with the seasons. In the winter, I crave deeper heavier beers like stouts and barley wines. In the fall, I like my grapefruit-y IPA's, and so on and so forth. My new summer beer of choice has been Kölsch. In hot weather, nothing feels quite as refreshing. Unlike the slightly more bitter lager that defined my first beer experience, Kölsch is milder while still flavorful.

    So naturally, I was very excited to hear about Hot Sünner Nights at the Holy Grale featuring Sünner Kölsch, the original brewer of my beloved Kölsch. They will be serving the beer off authentic Sünner trays and in authentic Sünner glassware in order to replicate the German experience as much as possible. What experience you ask? Here's their description off their facebook page

    In Cologne, 


     is served in what is called “bottomless 

    glasses”. As the customer drinks his or her beer down, 

    servers bring a fresh one to replace it without being 

    asked. This continues until the happy beer drinker puts a 

    coaster over their glass or somehow catches the servers

    attention to stop bringing beer. As each beer is served, a mark is made on the coaster. Each mark equals a single beer and this is what is used to calculate the beer bill. Of course, a secondary count is kept in the normal way, but this charming tradition is widely practiced in Cologne and we love it!

    Charming indeed. I look forward to checking this out soon. Not only can you enjoy bottomless Kölsch but grilled German fare will also be available. All of this will occur, weather permitting, in the gorgeous Grale garden in back. 

    See you there!




    The Holy


    1034 Bardstown Rd.

    Every Wednesday Night at 4pm

    (July, August, September)

    in the Gralegarten

    Kolsch + German fare


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