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    This article appears in the February 2012 issue of Louisville Magazine. To subscribe, please visit

    It’s an eager-to-please eatery with some decidedly untraditional options that match the mishmash vibe of the neighborhood. Take the Brownsboro Road Roll: tempura fried chicken sandwiched between molded squares of sushi rice, with spicy crab and cream cheese and topped with fried snapper — odd but strangely compelling. Other rolls taken to an entirely different culinary sphere include the Kentucky Tropical (in photo), with mango, cucumber, cream cheese and a topping of kiwi and crème fraîche, and the French Connection — escargot atop a yum yum roll baked with mozzarella cheese. 

    If you’re a purist and raw fish is still exotic enough to intrigue you, the basic rolls here will not disappoint; they’re well prepared and perfectly fresh.

    The non-aquatic side of the menu pleases too. The Chicken and Chicken is a delightful dish of boneless bits of chicken coated in a subtly sweet teriyaki glaze, served with veggies and rice. All orders are accompanied by soup, salad and the occasional language barrier, which really just adds to the character of a culinary adventure on Lower Brownsboro Road.

    Photo: Courtesy John Nation

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