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    Today the heat index is soaring well above 100. There is no better remedy for summer stickiness than ice cream and other frozen treats. And from gelato to bubble tea, Louisville is full of venues that offer
    tasty ways to stay cool and satiate your sweet tooth.

    I've scoped out the best of the best places here in town (it's a tough job...). All you have to do is throw the kids in the car, crank up some AC, and try to avoid brain freeze while you indulge in some frozen decadence. Here are my top picks: 

    Cefiore: For years, Louisville has seriously been lacking in the good fro-yo department. Thank heavens for Cefiore and its prime location at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Bardstown Road. Cefiore dishes up non-fat, tangy frozen yogurt in flavors like green tea and acai-pomegranate with healthy toppings (think granola not butterfingers). Sometimes when I'm eating the green tea yogurt and I close my eyes I almost think I'm at Pinkberry (holla' former New Yorkers and Californians). Then Jack starts screaming and I remember where I am. Be sure to try: The green tea frozen yogurt is my absolute favorite, hands-down. 

    The Comfy Cow: I'm not sure what these people add to their ice cream
    and shakes to make it so insanely creamy, but it's really, really
    good. The Comfy Cow, located in Westport Village has a cute (but not
    annoyingly kitschy) old-timey feel to their ice-cream parlor. Be forewarned- they
    don't have highchairs, but they do have booster seats. Be sure to try:
    "the cake batter up" ice cream is to die for with little pieces of cake
    in in. The delectable milk shakes will also prove to be a crowd
    pleaser on a hot, summer night.

    Gelato Gilberto: Located in Prospect's Norton Commons neighborhood,
    Gelato Gilberto offers artisan-made (whatever that means) gelato with premium ingredients.
    They have a rotating array of really interesting flavors such as
    pistachio and grapefruit, but basics like vanilla and chocolate will keep discriminating
    kids happy. Be sure to try: The Pumpkin Pie gelato (which usually
    doesn't come out until fall) is fantastic and in my opinion should
    hereby replace the boring old pumpkin pie at all Thanksgiving dinners.

    Graeter's: You really can't talk about ice cream in Louisville without
    singing the praises of Graeter's. Based out of Cincy since 1870,
    Graeter's has several locations all over the Louisville area. My
    husband loves the Bourbon Ball Ice Cream, but Black Raspberry Chocolate
    Chip has held a special place in my heart since I was a kid. Be sure
    to try:
    The annual launch of Peach ice cream is well worth the
    wait...and it's coming soon!

    Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen: Open now for 24 years, the Pie Kitchen  has been serving up hand-churned ice-cream and homemade pies to throngs of loyal customers. This place is crowded becauses it simply is that good. They serve quality products and treat their customers well. Be sure to try: June 19th from 12-4, they are having 25 cent ice cream day. Customers can line up and pay just a quarter for a single scoop of ice cream!

    VT's Bubble Cup: Perhaps bubble tea isn't everyone's thing, but I love it. VT's Bubble Cup on Bardstown Road is a great little place to grab a bubble tea, but they have a bunch of other options as well for the not-so-bubbly-type. For those of you who are not familiar, bubble tea is sweetly flavored drink that originated in Asia. It's made out of a mixture of black tea, milk and tapioca pearls-- so you "drink" it out of this huge straw. The tapioca pearls are large, and not safe for young kids and babies (besides Jack is so hyper-active, I would give him black tea the day hell froze over). Instead of bubble tea, order your kids a milk shake or shaved ice. Be sure to try: the coconut bubble tea is out of this world. 

    Well there you have it. The one thing that pains me that is missing from my list is the lack of a "Tasti-d-lite" type of yogurt place that serves non-fat yogurt in flavors like "Snickers" that tastes partially like the flavor and partially like air. This would make me happy.

    Did I leave out your favorite frozen treat spot in Louisville? What would you like to see come here? Leave a comment! 

    Photo: flickr: Pink Sherbert Photography




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