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    Scurry. iOS indie game by Two Scoop Games
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    Movies, writers, photographers, oh my! Louisville has always been home to creative, independent companies and entrepreneurs from a variety of fields, and recently we’ve adopted another creative outlet: video games. Have you ever wondered what equipment is behind the creation of these products? Game


    Lou (Louisville’s Game Development Community) is eager to show anyone willing to take a peek. Twenty-four creative members spend their free time building games.

    Game Dev Lou uses common technology, trial and error, and a bit of coding knowledge to create Independent or “indie” video games. Their goal is to build a community where ideas can be shared and brought to life, so they offer free assistance and hands on experience to anyone interested in this field of technology.

    Upon visiting

    anyone can find resources and programs to help them on their path to creating a world all their own.

    They also hold open meetings bi-weekly where anyone interested can join in and attempt to make their own game or acquire some game knowledge. The next meeting they have scheduled is to take place across the weekend of December 5th- 7th starting at 7:00 on Friday with an introduction into the process and times for the rest of the weekend. This meeting will consist primarily of groups attempting to make indie games within the time allotted.

    While some do not see that as enough time to create a full game some of their projects were made at events such as these. If you are interested in what type of games they have under their belt you can either visit their website or search in your app store for games named




    which were created by two members of Game Dev Lou(Alex Bezuska and Eric Lathrop) under the company name Two Scoop Games.

    Game Dev Lou is encouraging others to step up and build their own worlds just as they have with by showing that it is possible to do on your own without a hefty bank account or superb knowledge in the field. They are offering to lead others into the creative world of video games and build a community in Louisville where ideas can be shared and dreams can be met using common technology. If they can do it, why can’t you?

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