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    On Thursday I was able to catch up with Black Label Society's newest member, and drummer, Will Hunt.  He was gracious enough to take the time out of his day to answer a few questions for me while in between shows having just finished up with one on the 28th in Winnepeg, Canada, and on his way to their next in Omaha, Nebraska.  Hunt replaced Craig Nunemacher, BLS's previous drummer earlier this year, recorded drums on their newest album, Order of the Black, and is currently on tour with them filling out the lineup.  He's also a current member of Evanescence, recorded with Crossfade of their most recent album, has toured with Motley Crue, Tommy Lee's Methods of Mayhem, and has a number of other notable credits under his belt.

    Just a week or so into the current tour I asked Hunt what the crowds were looking like, how the reaction was to the new album, and if they were excited about touring for the next three months.  He told me that they had been packing venues up in the northwest, as well as Canada, that they had played a couple really big arena shows that produced a great deal of fans, and that people were digging what they were doing.  The Black Label Berzerkus Tour of 2010 also features stoner rock legends Clutch, as well as Finland heavy metal band Children of Bodom, and Hunt told me that these guys had been tearing it up right along with them.  He said that each band has their own following, as one would expect, but once the PA systems were cut on and the music kicked in that all prior allegiances were laid down and the people were simply there to drink some cold beer, as well as to see a good show.  

    I asked Hunt if he were a BLS fan before joining the band on the newest album, and he said that though he was, he was always more of a Zakk Wylde growing up having followed his career during Wylde's earlier career while with Ozzy Osbourne.  I told him that I couldn't agree more, and asked if he felt like he'd be with BLS for some time to come, and what fans could expect to see if they make it out to the show.  He told me that nothing is ever certain, that he was enjoying the time that he was spending with BLS out on the road, as well as in the studio, and said that he was just taking it day to day while having a good time.  Hunt said to me that someone such as myself, someone that has never seen Black Label Society play live before should expect to get their mind blown, because with a headman like Wylde shredding on the guitar as he does, a crowd of dedicated and loyal berzerkers wearing their band's colors, as well as having a crew of bad ass openers like Clutch and Children of Bodom that there was nothing but good times to come.  

    The show is Tuesday, October 5th at Expo Five @ 2900 7th street, Louisville, Kentucky, 40216.  Tickets are on sale thru ticket master, as well as thru Ear-X-Tacy, and online.  They are $35, and doors open at 6:30 p.m.

    Photo courtesy of Black Label Society

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