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    Brian Scott trained for a future in musical theater. He ended up joining the circus. Scott, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey’s current Ringmaster, had never even seen the iconic “Greatest Show on Earth” before he heard of the chance to become its Ringmaster. 

    “Unlike many circus performers who have been training and working generations in their families, I entered the circus much the same as any actor would--I auditioned,” Scott said. 

    A friend of his informed him of the illustrious position but at first Scott was hesitant. “Having trained for musical theater, I didn’t know if the circus would be a good fit for me, but after some research, I knew there could be no better fit. Becoming a Ringmaster was definitely something I wanted to became my goal.”

    This goal became a reality for Scott and his life has forever changed. Changed in the fact that he now lives on a train with his performers (two and four-legged alike) and travels from city to city perfecting his art. “We live, eat, and sleep on-board every day. It is our home.” 

    Scott also thinks most audience members would be impressed by the time and dedication it takes to work in the circus. Performers dedicate their lives to perfecting their art with relentless rehearsals before and after the show. Louisvillians can expect to see a high-wire act from Morocco where Mustafa Danguir leaps from the shoulders of one man to another and Mr. Brian Miser, the “Human Fuse”, launch himself from a crossbow the length of the arena while on fire. Relentless rehearsal indeed. And those are just the two-legged kind.

    “Fully Charged!” is coming to the KFC Yum! Center March 31-April 3 and audiences can expect to see Scott narrate and guide the performance on each spectacular evening. “Not only do I announce the acts and engage the audience, but I also sing and act as ambassador for the show, “ Scott said. Tickets are still available through


    or by calling 1-800-745-3000 and range from $13.00-73.00. 

    According to Teresa Franzen, the circus’s public relations director, the last time Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey’s Circus came through town was in 1995. “It’s quite the big deal,” said Franzen.

    Dancing animals, Ukranian weight lifters, death-defiers, and clowns alike will all be present as the “Fully Charged!” train passes through our city. Ringmaster Scott assures, “Truly, everyone coming to see the show can expect to see things that are only experienced at The Greatest Show on Earth.”   

    Photo courtesy Teresa Franzen.

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