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    Teenage heart-throb Jacob Latimore [Music]
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    As I walked into Jacob Latimore’s dressing room, I was greeted by a hug that I am sure thousands of teenage girls would have died for, including the numerous fans I passed on my way in. Jacob Latimore, rising star and 2012 BET YoungStars nominee, joined Mindless Behavior on their #1 Girl Tour in Louisville yesterday at the Louisville Palace.

    The #1 Girl Tour has just begun, the show in Louisville being the eighth, but it has already been “crazy,” said Latimore, “we’ve been having a lot of fun.” It wasn’t Latimore’s first time in Louisville either; he had been here last July for the Scream tour, and the love of his fans brought him back!

    This 15-year-old has already seen so much success. With two sold out tours, a 2012 BET YoungStars award nomination competing with Astro, Diggy, Keke Palmer and Willow Smith, and an outstanding social media following, it is obvious that Jacob Latimore has already stolen the hearts of thousands. However, it wasn’t a day’s game. When asked by how it felt to be just 15 and so famous he replied, “It still shocks me sometimes. It’s amazing to see how all the hard work is paying off.”

    Last year, Latimore released “Like ‘Em All” remix feat. Issa, which landed at #1 on BET’s 106 & Park. His next single’s music video went viral, which displayed an epic Jacob v Jacob dance battle to “Nothing On Me.” And now, just two days ago, he dropped his newest single called “You Come First,” that he confirmed is on iTunes and was 47 on the top 100.  His new single is “different from the previous ones and shows a lot of growth,” said Latimore. Fans should expect his debut album soon as “the goal is to [release it] at the end of this year, or the beginning of next year.”

    Jacob Latimore had his fans going absolutely gaga over him. As if his hot dance moves weren’t enough, him removing his jacket had every girl around me screaming “Oh my God!”  He opened with “This Or That,” and a dance performance that got Louisville Palace screaming on the top of its lungs. Then, of course, he led into what all the girls there, as well as every performer at the show was interested in… finding the #1 Girl. It is the #1 Girl Tour after all! With shout outs to some fans and his killer voice singing “Fantasy Girl,” you can probably imagine the reaction of his fans. His dance moves were no surprise, but definitely amazing live. Him, along with the dance crew rocked the stage to his new single “You Come First,” and ended his performance with “You Ain’t Got Nothing On Me.”

    However, Jacob Latimore isn’t just a talented singer, dancer, and performer. If you haven’t heard his music, you have most probably seen him on the big screen. Latimore starred in the movie, Vanishing On 7th Street along with Hayden Christensen and Thandie Newton. He also guest starred on BET’s Reed Between the Lines. Still, he prefers music and singing, “because it’s my first love, but acting is something I enjoy,” explained Latimore.

    Outside of touring and all the hard work, Latimore is just a “regular kid.” “Doing homework and sitting around watching TV,” he said when asked what the everyday Jacob Latimore life was like, “I’m more of a homebody.” Something not that “regular” about Latimore though, is that that he irons his “wrinkly” pillowcases after they come out of the dryer. “I’m kind of a neat freak when it comes to my bedroom,” he said laughing.

    With influences like Will Smith, Bill Cosby, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Usher and Bruno Mars, Latimore is sure to progressively grow and win many more hearts. Check out his new single “You Come First,” which is out on iTunes and the #1 Girl Tour schedule to see him live this summer!

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