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    The Trews in Louisville for 3 shows at Uncle Slayton's
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    I asked The Trews front man Colin MacDonald a few questions about life, music, and touring and now share the answers with their fans here in town. Nothing was left out and I hope fans can get to know Colin and then take advantage of at least one of three shows at Slayton’s in the coming weeks. What is your favorite song to play?
    MacDonald: My favorite song to play changes every tour but right now it's Hope & Ruin as we have arranged a great delivery for the song and it always takes off live. I also sing the last chorus an octave higher which gives the tune more power at the end. Inspirations for your music?
    MacDonald: Life is the inspiration for a lot of the lyrics. I also get inspired by books and music or, if I'm really into a band I'll write songs that reflect the influence. I'm also interested in other people's stories and I like to write from other people's perspectives. Since your first release in 1997, how have you grown as a band?
    MacDonald: In 1997 we were a high school cover band in a town with a population of 4000 people. Now we have 5 albums out and we tour the world. In the last three months we've been in Australia, the UK and the USA. Things have changed dramatically. We didn't really become a band till Dalton joined in 2001 anyways.... If you could, please talk a bit about the tour and your trip to Louisville.

    MacDonald: America has been an uphill battle for us for a long time. It's a grind and it's hard to get crowds out but we still love touring here and we feel there's a place for our music in this country. Hope and Ruin: Talk about the album also.
    MacDonald: Hope & Ruin is our most consistent album to date. I like the introspective nature of the tunes and the vibe is really good. Looking forward to getting off the road for a while?
    MacDonald: Always. Upcoming plans for another release, touring in the new year?
    MacDonald: We're thinking about what to do next. No definite plans yet but I'm sure we'll come up with something. Favorite place to visit and play?
    MacDonald: Anywhere there are real fans of the band. How totally cool was it sharing the stage with some of the biggest names in rock?
    MacDonald: It was totally cool. We got to play with our heroes... How many people get to say they did that?!  Not many. We feel very lucky to have had such great experiences. I once watched Robert Plant rehearse "Going To California'" at a sound check in Calgary, Alberta. We watched the stones sound check "Sway" in Toronto. It's fucking surreal.
  Your music strikes me as pure. The sounds, the lyrics, they resonate within my soul and I love it!  How do you cope with the love your fans have for the sounds?
    MacDonald: It's a great honor when people connect with the music. It's the best thing in the world. 

    Tickets still available now and are $10.  Doors open at 8:30 and the show begins at 9pm. This is an 18+ show-so bring your ID! 

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