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     "I dunno, wherever you like is fine honey,...'

    An age old answer from girls which is like 'pleading the fifth' when trying to plan a date.  You know you're guilty for knowing what you want, but will never admit the truth.  From a guy's perspective the decision making is harder than asking the girl out for the first time.  This past week for my birthday I turned the tables as my wife struggled on where to go out for dinner.  "I just want a great steak and potatoes - ladies choice,". HA!  Take that, I thought, thinking she'd see through my Irish lenses for the first time and realize the torture I go through when deciding on a romantic dinner location.  Luckily I have a great gal with a wonderful knowledge of Louisville and she proved once again how much craftier and perhaps smarter, than I am, Pat's Steak House it was.

    Around the same time last year my then fiance' wanted to go on a trip, and being culturally Cajun, yet biologically Irish, I came home with tickets for us to go to Dublin, Ireland.  An amazing vacation and I confess the potato famine is officially over as we had more blood sausage, farm-raised meats, and potatoes than two foreigners could handle (okay and a few Guinness beers to wash the great food down).  Without ever mentioning it I've had a hunger for that awesome food ever since we returned, yet it was something my wife recognized.  As a present to me for my birthday, she took me to this gem not far from our home.

    I shortly realized after arriving in the unassuming parking lot that we had indeed been here before.  Our first trip was during our courtship when I met her grandparents for the first time and sat a table upstairs next to Governor Besher.  Why it was erased from my memory I don't know so I chalk it up to nerves.  Come on, I had future in-laws, future brothers, grandparents, and a politician, so regardless what I ordered, my plate was already full.  This time I was determined to enjoy the actual meal with only the woman I love.

    We were seated in the main dining room that has been hosting guests for the past five decades and continues to posses the same kind of old fashioned Irish charm not seen anywhere else. The history pours out of the dark paneled walls, covered in classic pictures of enchanting places from all over the world. As soon as you walk through the main entrance, you hear the Rat Pack and feel as you have just walked back into time.

    Our waiter was so cool.  Not over-bearing and incredibly accommodating.  No fan-fare for my birthday as I thought they had no idea (my request), but I couldn't have been treated more royally.  We began with a shrimp cocktail ($13) and I ordered the 12oz. filet mignon (of course) which although somewhat expensive ($36.50) is cheaper than the "Special Filet Mignon" which is 18oz. and $49.75 and only more special because of it's size.  You get a couple sides and buttered rolls with your meal which made me want to pop like a tick when the dessert arrived.  Against my will my wife had mentioned it was indeed my birthday and our waiter took it upon himself to bring us a fudge brownie sundae ($6.50) the size of my head consisting of homemade fudge brownie, 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry.

    Now the place is somewhat of a maze built for tiny people, leprechauns maybe.  There are several rooms that are a cross between grandma's house and a Hobbit's villa in the Shire. Narrow staircases leading to places unknown (to me) but a comfort that can only be experienced rather than written about. Pat's Steakhouse has a tradition as a coach inn and travelers' rest stop that dates back more than 150 years. Inside, the restaurant's comfortable dining rooms are warm with the amber colors of aged wood, the ideal atmosphere for guests to relax and enjoy the spirit of the occasion. 

    The service at Pat's Steakhouse is always attentive yet never obtrusive. Pat's menu of traditional fare, including their renowned hand-trimmed steaks, will surely satisfy every member of your dinner party. Pat's Steakhouse offers an ideal setting for your special evening with the perfect blend of ambience, attentive service, and savory fare. Your rehearsal dinner is a special moment. It's an opportunity for family and friends to gather together and share the excitement and emotion of your impending marriage.

    Pat's Steakhouse is conveniently located at 2437 Brownsboro Road. Pat's Steakhouse is handicapped accessible. Reservations are accepted and encouraged. Payment is by cash (ATM located at front entrance) or personal check: no credit cards are accepted. A phrase I learned in Ireland was "Beo, gáire, grá agus itheann", or as we say in Louisville, "Live, Laugh, Love and Eat!!!"  Please visit this historic Louisville Irish Landmark!  

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