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    Iroquois Amphitheater presents an outdoor screening of 'Cars 2' [Movies]
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    I am an avid fan of Pixar films. I was a kid when Toy Story came out – very exciting – and I have never looked back. I think WALL-E is one of the greatest animated films ever made – it is wonderful in every way. As a culinary enthusiast and excellent cook (ask my wife), I find Ratatouille to be all sorts of satisfying, especially with Michael Giacchino’s fantastic musical score. If you don’t cry during the introductory scene of Up – a heartbreakingly beautiful love story in just ten minutes – you have no soul. However, there is one Pixar film that never did it for me: Cars. I couldn’t say why. It’s certainly not a bad film. But it’s also not very exciting to watch. It’s mostly kind of… boring.

    However, I can’t speak for the sequel (as I never bothered to watch it), but you can see for yourself at Iroquois Amphitheater, which presents a free screening of Cars 2 this evening. In the first film, spoiled race car Lightning McQueen found himself stranded in a small town in the middle of nowhere, where he learned the value of friendship and the joys of a quieter lifestyle. In the sequel, McQueen heads overseas to compete in the World Grand Prix, bringing along his tow truck pal Mater – who finds himself mistaken for a spy and caught up in a plot of international intrigue. Presumably everything works out and everyone learns a little something about themselves.

    Cars 2 is scheduled to begin at 8:30 this evening. The Iroquois Amphitheater is located at 1080 Amphitheater Road in Iroquois Park. Further information can be found at the Amphitheater’s website.

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