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    The word on the street is that Joe is coming to town. That's right folks, Louisville might be getting a Trader Joe's.

    This isn't just a victory for people who like good food and are looking for more variety in their grocery store aisles. This is also a victory for people who like inexpensive yet tasty alcoholic beverages.

    Trader Joe's sells a lovely wine commonly referred to as "Two Buck Chuck". The brand is actually called Charles Shaw, and was given the cute moniker because it was sold for the low, low price of $2. I'm not sure if they're still slapping two dollar price tags on the bottles, but if they are, Louisville wine lovers better make some space in their wine cellars.

    Two Buck Chuck isn't going to be showing up on the wine list at Le Cirque anytime soon, but you certainly shouldn't turn your nose up at the Charles Shaw line. Certain varieties have won some real awards. I say real because I could start giving out awards tomorrow but I'm no liquor, wine or beer expert, just a big fan.

    So keep an eye on 4600 Shelbyville Rd. and get ready to stock pile some vino. When good quality wine is selling for $2 a pop you tend to experience the Lay's effect, that is, you can't have just one.  

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