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    The 2013 Regency Promenade
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    In a rivalry unmatched since the colonies broke from the crown, Louisville’s own Jane Austen festival is going toe to toe with the British over who can take a Guinness world record. The event - The Regency Promenade. The stakes - whether the self-proclaimed capital of all things Jane Austen can hold on to their record of 409 attendees all dressed in period garb. That might sound like a lot, but our own upstart local Jane Austen Society is only 51 people away, and that’s drawing the attention of the Brits.

    Last Month, two



    published articles, fanning the flames of a cross pond rivalry that may have been concocted by the British for fear of losing their Austenite credentials. Bath, which is the de facto capital of All things Austen, holds the largest festival in the world, but here in the colonies Louisville is the big festival to attend. Last year the Louisville festival made their first attempt at breaking the record and fell short - just by a bit - which has prompted another attempt this year. If you’re thinking of coming to the

    2014 Jane Austen Festival

    here in Louisville, make sure to participate in the promenade. With only 51 people needed to beat the record, only a few more people participating could wallop the British record and put your local chapter into the record books.

    If you aren’t sure what to wear, check out the JASNA Louisville’s page


    for tips on dressing. Don’t give the Brits a reason to laugh in September at their event - let’s make sure that there’s no way they can top us “uncouth colonials.”

    The Jane Austen Festival runs from 18 - 20 July. Registration for the promenade is only $1 - quite a bit cheaper than the 

    £1 the Brits are charging.

    Photo courtesy of JASNA Louisville.

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