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    Last week, I made a quick trip over to Lexington to hit up The Beer Trappe. This is not a "Know Your Bar" post - but I'll do one of those soon because I truly love that place. I was there for an event. Specifically, a tapping of a couple beers from Founder's Brewing- Cashew Mountain Brown and Canadian Breakfast Stout. I was mostly there for the Cashew, having tasted it and loved it last year at a beer festival in Michigan. Of course, most people were there for the famous CBS, which is like the third best beer in the universe or something, according to Beer Advocate.

    The Cashew was tapped at 6pm, though I didn't make it until over an hour later. I got my pour and it was just as delish as I remembered. When the 8pm CBS tapping time neared, a mass of people pressed toward the bar, myself included. Then my natural like-clausterphobia-but-with-crowds-instead-of-small-spaces kicked in and I headed back outside, because panic attacks in bars just aren't that cool. Luckily, one of my best friends is a regular and had bypassed the crowd, so he gave me a swig of his. I dutifully inhaled, drank and did that weird slurping thing I know you're supposed to do when you taste beer but really I always just feel like Hannibal Lecter. And you know what? It was good. Really good. But I wasn't going back in there to fight for my own. I was reminded of this recent post on the excellent Hoosier Beer Geek blog. Standing on the sidewalk, thinking about that post and watching the madness inside I had an 

    epiphany. I realized -- 

    --wait for it --

    It's Just Beer.

    Your reaction to that is probably either "No way!" or "Duh!" But that's where I am, and it's a big step for me.

    Now, that's not me judging those who disagree. Maybe you've got a palate so refined that these super-acclaimed beers are worth the effort. I'm jealous. Or maybe you just think the hype is fun. It's not my idea of fun, but I knit, so I really can't say anything.

    I think we all know there's an excellent chance that by next week I'll have forgotten all about this whole revelation and traded my car for a case of Pliny. But as of right now, there are too many fantastic beers that are readily available (or that at the very least don't require an elbow in the ribs or a trip to eBay) for me to worry too much about anything that isn't.

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