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    Last night, I finally made my way out to Taylorsville Road to try the new Mussels and Burger Bar which I have heard so much about in the past two weeks.  Located at 9200 Taylorsville Road, the restaurant is a new venture by the famed owners of Havana Rumba, Mojito's, and Guacamole. I already knew this, but my server was also kind enough to inform us. 

    The experience was interesting to say the least. First, the interior is very grand and Grecian. Large rooms are decorated with upholstered booths, tall white columns, blue paint, and random cattle art.  Just when you think you might have worn your sweats to a fine dining establishment, you are greeted by a server in jeans and a baseball jersey style t-shirt emblazoned with a phrase that I'm ashamed to not remember exactly. It was something along the lines of, "OCD: Obsessive Cow Disorder." You then are seated at a table covered in butcher paper and served water in adorable little mason jars with a red straw.  They have a fun cocktail menu from which I ordered "The Cardinal" which contained Smirnoff Vodka and St. Germaine.  My company ordered a 22 ounce beer from Three Floyd's Brewery which was also served with cute little jars to drink out of. 

    The menu, outside of the salads, is full of tempting gut bombs from the appetizers to the entrees. We elected to split two burgers and an order of mussels. While this isn't a local, sustainable meat environment, they do grind their own meat and everything, according to our server, is fresh and never frozen. Our BBB Bacon Breakfast Burger was served attractively on a wooden board with a cute silver cup of frites on the side. The burger, glazed with a maple sauce and topped with everything but the kitchen sink, was admittedly delicious. Our second burger, The Italian Job, was also delicious but paled in comparison to the decadent, oozing, greasy, sweet and salty BBB. Finally, the Blue Cheese Beer Pancetta Mussels, served with crusty bread on the side, was yummy enough that our table took turns guiltily eyeing the leftover broth that all of us considered drinking down. 

    Overall, the service was good, the food was decadent, and the atmosphere was confusing. We may venture back to try some other mussel varieties and be tempted by the enormous burgers. Today, we are headed to the gym.

    Learn all about it here.

    Blue Cheese Beer Pancetta Mussels
    BBB Burger

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    Colette is a food writer for She is originally from Washington State but has been living and eating here since 2002 after visiting and falling in love with the city. While she loves her day job, she spends a lot of time day dreaming of the perfect restaurant. In her free time, Colette enjoys preparing lavish meals with local foods, traveling to strange new worlds, and indulging in playful mischief. She shares her home with her partner Drew and her spoiled dogs Gracie and Musket. Please send comments, questions, and suggestions to

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