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    only macabre art gallery, Izzy's Little Creepers is the little
    art gallery that could.  The  gallery celebrated their one year
    anniversary during the September F.A.T Friday Trolley Hop and plans on continuing
    to give Louisville art lovers the willies for as long as they can.

    gallery opened in September 2009 with six artists and has grown to sell
    work by 29 different artists.  Pieces range from sculptures and
    paintings to clothing and jewelry. One of the most recognizable things
    in the gallery are the dead dolls by gallery co-owner  Dusty June. It is
    an art form that she learned from her mother who also has some pieces
    in the gallery. June  and her business partner John Thompsett (who also
    has work for sale) have also taken work from their artists to over two
    dozen concerts and events outside of the gallery sine they've been open.
    They’ve been a part of concerts at Headliner’s, Expo Five, Diamonds Pub
    and Billiards and several other venues in the Louisville area.  

    Whitlock remakes old pieces of art from thrift stores by inserting
    zombies into them; Owen Leitsch creates intricate sculptures called
    Necrosculptures  from bones; Joshua Shane Vance has several of his
    unique and amazing paintings there, including an Alice In Wonderland
    themed painting portraying Alice as someone who’s gone mad.  John
    Thompsett decorates top hats and skull masks. Other artists include
    Linda Carmella, Free Nusser, Kevin Polston, and William David Pollard.

    Little Creepers is one of the busiest galleries in Mellwood Arts
    Center, especially during the Trolley hops. Visitors appreciate finding
    something different while enjoying  a nice spread of cheese, crackers,
    and wine in addition to the extra large serving of gore. It’s not all
    about gore, though. Some of the pieces fall  into more  of a  gothic
    genre than horror.  If you’re looking for something unusual or need to
    find something for the darker birds in your family, this just might be
    the place you’re looking for.  Considering the nature of this gallery,
    Halloween might be the perfect time to start  your holiday shopping.
    They do have a 50% off table set up now with some awesome pieces.  You
    can visit them on Thursday and Friday from 3  to 7 p.m.;Saturday 12 to 4
    p.m.; every (last Friday) Trolley Hop from 6 to 9 p.m. or you can visit
    them online at

    [Visual Art]

    Photo: Izzzy's Little Creepers now has a clearance section.

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