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    Jack Holiday and the Westerners at Derby City Espresso
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    In a previous article I pretty much told everyone to vote for Jack Holiday and the Westerners for the Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands. Well thanks to all of you who voted, Jack Holiday will be competing live!  Unfortunately due to some bands getting their feelings hurt, there will be 16 bands competing instead of 9.  There are four rounds with four bands in each round.  Rounds 1 and 2 have already happened, but you can come support Jack Holiday and the Westerners in Round 3 this Friday.  They will be the last band performing. The bands competing in Round 3 are: Begging Victoria, Sweet Loretta, The Winston Hours, and Jack Holiday and the Westerners. The overall winner of the Louisville competition wins a spot to play at a WFPK Waterfront Wednesday.

    I interviewed Scott Whitehouse (vocals/keyboard) about their upcoming competition. 

    Do you know what song(s) you will be performing?

    “Unfortunately our setup and performance must be finished within 30 minutes, so that varies greatly on how quickly we can set up. Every band is supposed to end with their entry song, and ours was S E Lapp.” 

    What will be your biggest challenge?

    “Setting up. As we are a seven piece, and we would like to play a 26 minute set, we have to have everything set up in four minutes. Because of this, we've been not only rehearsing all the possible set lists for the night, but also how to set up a seven piece in less than four minutes.”

    How many votes did you all end up getting?

    “I don't remember the exact number but over 250.” 

    Did you all think you would win a spot to battle live?

    “I don't think any of us knew how we would fair in a voting competition as we've never participated in one before, but we were all pleasantly surprised at how many people were willing to help spread the word and vote.” 

    What: Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands

    When: Friday, March 2nd, 10:00pm

    Cost: $3

    Age: All ages (according to Hard Rock’s website)

    Photo courtesy: Jack Holiday and the Westerners

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