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    Jackknife's vegetarian chili
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    If you’ve been visiting the Jackknife Cafe with any degree of regularity you’ve probably found an item or two on the menu that is your favorite. I know I have - but then they go and mix it up with some new dishes - including some veggie-friendly options.

    You might recall the rotating soup that Jackknife featured, and they’ve added to that - alongside the soup of the day will sit a vegetarian soup as well. When I was there last week it was a vegetarian chili, and it was amazing. I’ve had plenty of


    in my day - some super chunky with whole beans, slices of peppers and onions, and others made Hormel chili seem like a work of art.  This chili is definitely in the former camp - you won’t find Hormel in that bowl. Wonderful flavor, a bit of kick, and an excellent mix of ingredients make it something to plan on eating.

    They’re also featuring some new sandwiches, one of them being my absolute favorite slurry between two slices of bread: egg salad. Jackknife’s version features bourbon paprika, capers and spinach and makes me wonder if I can ever again justify a gas station special when I’m on a long drive. I guess I’ll have to swing by for a to-go plate instead.

    There’s also a new hummus and veggie sandwich with red peppers - again, vegetarian friendly! In the not-so-meatless category are two new items - a


    for the corned beef fanatics out there, and a French Dip (one of my favorites from my meat-eating days). The Au Jus is even made with bourbon barrel soy sauce, which sounds absolutely amazing.

    They’re also featuring some rotating sandwich specials, and as always there’s the baked goods under the counter - the


    are absolutely amazing. If you live or work in


    , or even just find yourself out that way, do yourself a favor and swing in to the


    Market to check out all they have to offer. You won't be disappointed.

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