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    The dining room at Jackknife Cafe
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    The doors are open at Butchertown Market’s new restaurant - the Jackknife Cafe. It’s the newest business venture for Erika Chavez-Graziano, also the owner of Cellar Door Chocolates, which is located in Butchertown Market as well.

    If you’ve spent any time in Butchertown, you probably know that there’s a lack of good restaurants, but Jackknife Cafe has you covered. There’s a variety of excellent sandwiches, salads, soups of the day and an amazing pastry counter. Not only does the food say “high-end gourmet,” but the decor does as well. When I took a seat I felt like I had stepped into some chic New York cafe - minimalist art, great lighting and an uncluttered setup make Jackknife a great place to be as well as eat.

    I had the Brie Please sandwich, and I was amazed. The seasonal fruit right now is apple, and they’re shaved paper thin - this is an excellent touch in order to not take away from the texture of the brie, and gives a good sweet flavor that you can taste but not feel. Fresh spinach and excellent bread round it out, and it’s served with kettle chips too.

    Not only is there a great selection of top-notch art-between-bread, but they actually have wine and beer pairings on the menu for each dish, which of course means they have a liquor license as well. Jackknife has happy hour from 3PM - 5PM, at which time there is ten dollars off of bottles of wine - perfect timing to ditch work a bit early with the coworkers for some drinks, great food and amazing shopping at the rest of Butchertown Market.

    Make sure you check out the pastries while you’re there too - Erika knows her way around the kitchen, obviously, and she especially knows her way around sweets. If you want a gourmet meal with urban-chic style, then head to Jackknife Cafe. It’s worth the trip.

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